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40Seven Services

Land and Building Surveys

Trimble Total Stations
At 40Seven we use Trimble Instrumentation for all our Topographical Surveying requirements. All of our instruments are Robotically enabled allowing our surveyors to work both independently and efficiently on site. Our Total Stations are robustly built for accuracy and durability, allowing our surveyors to work in all weather conditions without any reduction in efficiency or quality of information gathered.
The Trimble 5600 Total Station is equipped with Direct Reflex technology, which enables our teams to survey inaccessible detail such as Road Markings, Building detail or Over-Head Services.  Eave and Ridge heights of buildings can be surveyed with out arranging access to the property. Measuring Road Markings and otherwise in-accessible features within the highway reflectorlessly, removes the need for Traffic Management. Over-Head services such as electric power lines can be measured safely and accurately.  This adds up to a complete solution within one instrument giving our surveyors everything they need to produce a complete and accurate survey for our clients.

Panasonic and Siemans Palm Top Computers.
Gone are the days of drawing up building dimensions and layouts on A4 paper and finding out when you return to the office that you have missed that vital dimension. At 40Seven we use the latest palm held computers linked via blue-tooth to digital distance measuring tools. This enables our surveyors to record and capture all the information required whilst on site, which means that the survey is being Quality Assessed from start to finish.

Using computer based MBS software to build up the survey from scratch means that the building floor plan or elevation can be viewed on screen through out the survey. As each room is drawn on screen the dimensions are checked for accuracy and then all other features such as doors, windows, lighting, fixtures and fittings are added so that the drawing is effectively completed whilst on site.

For large sprawling or unusual shaped room layouts, we utilise Total Stations linked up to palm top computers. To maintain accuracy through a large building, it is necessary to effectively carry out a topographical survey of the building internals. We use the same Software and Total Stations to carry out Elevation surveys both internally and externally, where the survey is again built up on screen allowing us to survey efficiently and accurately.

Trimble GPS
Trimble are the market leaders in GPS technology and 40Seven use Geodetic receivers to carry out all our Control Network Surveys. GPS can be used to control any size or shape of survey across all landscapes and relate them to Ordnance Survey National Grid and Datum. The Ordnance Survey have installed a network of Active Stations throughout the UK, which are constantly receiving GPS data from satellites orbiting the Earth. By collecting this same GPS data on a Survey Control station anywhere in the country and processing all of the information together, we are able to relate all our surveys directly to OS Grid and Datum.

At 40Seven we utilise dedicated and EA approved surveyors to carry out all our GPS processing work, ensuring we achieve consistent high quality results. With the rapid decline in the existence of Ordnance Survey Benchmarks, GPS control has become the staple method of level control throughout the UK.

We also use GPS to great effect when surveying large tracts of land by RTK (Real Time Kenetic) methods. RTK allows the surveyor to roam unhindered by the line of sight, normally required with Total Stations. This allows large areas of land to be covered very quickly while providing the same high accuracy results that can be achieved using a Total Station.


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