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GPR Surveys

The use of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) has become standard in the majority of utility location and mapping surveys where there could be a presence of non-metallic services present. As much of the UK's ageing services infrastructure is undergoing replacement with new non-conductive pipes it is imperative that surveying techniques keep up with the demands as the location of these pipes is often more difficult. GPR can prove to be an effective tool for this type of locate thus reducing your risk of striking a PE Gas pipe that can not be found using conventional CAT and Genny type equipment!

GPR is also an effective approach for locating other underground points of interest such as structures and voids. Using the same principle as when looking for utilities, we are mapping the differences in the properties of the ground and the interpretation the radargram returned. When working in support of core sampling it may also able to show the the varying strata across a site.

With the improvements and publicity of GPR over the years it is still not uncommon to come across the misconception that equipment will work from surface to the centre of the Earth or that it will find everything, all of the time! These statements are not correct but we do have various systems that have different uses therefore it is always important to understand what your aim is for the survey.

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