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MIRA System

At 40SEVEN we utilise the revolutionary MIRA (Malå Imaging Radar Array) Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system for surveying large open areas and roads. The main advantages of the MIRA system are:
1.     Upto 50 times faster than any normal GPR site methods;
2.     No requirement for traffic management;

3.     True 3D data capture, providing increased accuracy and reliability.

The MIRA system was the first commercially available, true 3D, multi channel GPR system in operation in the UK.
The system 40SEVEN use has 16 antennas (400 Mhz) configured in an array that are used simultaneously to gather data in real time at a spatial resolution of 8 x 8 cm.
Unlike other commonly marketed multi-channel systems which could be regarded as parallel, single channel systems, the MIRA system enables fast and true 3D data acquisition. This means that large areas can be mapped without loss of information. This method is suitable for almost any kind of shallow, subsurface investigation.
With the MIRA system 40SEVEN can map up to 3 ha of open ground or 500m of single carriageway road in a day without the need for costly traffic management.
For more information on the revolutionary MIRA GPR System please contact us on 08450 179300 or email us at 40seven@idexcorp.com

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