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The roads in the UK today have to carry an ever increasing number of vehicles, and our towns and roads are becoming increasingly congested. Since 1980 vehicle use has risen sensationally by more than 80 percent, and there are currently over 33.4 million licensed motor vehicles on our roads (source: DfT vehicle licensing statistics 2006). This of course means that accident and traffic black spots have become part of everyday life, causing problems to motorists and the road network around us. After all, even the major motorways and trunk roads were originally constructed to cope with far fewer vehicles. Who could have anticipated the dramatic surge in the numbers of motorists and vehicles?

The Highways Agency is responsible for managing, maintaining and improving the strategic road network in England on behalf of the Secretary of State for Transport. It does this as efficiently as possible by trying to alleviate the widespread problems associated with traffic congestion and road safety. As part of its nationwide programme to improve our roads, the Highways Agency set up over 100 major schemes around the country, some of which have already been completed but including many that are currently underway.

The individual drivers behind each of these schemes are specific to each situation, however they all involve adapting the current road network in some way and share the common aim of creating a more efficient layout, thereby improving the flow of traffic and improving road safety. Alongside the work that we delivered for the Highways Agency and their Contractors and Consultants we also undertake a significant amount of works for the Local Authorities, Consulting Engineers and Contractors that keep our local road network alive.

Services that we delivered for Highways projects include:

Ortho-rectified Aerial Photography
Topographical Surveys
Utility location and mapping
CCTV Drainage Condition surveys
Void and sub-surface structure location and mapping
Asset Surveys


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