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40Seven Services

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers are responsible for developing and maintaining the nation's infrastructure. 40SEVEN is ideally placed to help our clients deliver. Our customers rely heavily upon the professional excellence, skills and training provided by 40SEVEN personnel.

As the UK’s leading Surveying company, 40SEVEN provide all the necessary services required for all stages of your project, from initial surveys, through to setting out and construction, to monitoring the final product through-out its design life. Topographical Surveys form the base of any design plan. Underground Utility Surveys provide vital information about the areas asset infrastructure. CCTV surveys supply information on drainage condition, to identify flow problems prior to construction commencing. Engineering Surveys provide the setting out information required to accurately put the design in place. All these services can be provided and managed efficiently by 40SEVEN. 

40SEVEN have worked on a wide variety of Civil Engineering projects including Town Centre Shopping Developments, Office Tower Construction, Reservoir Design, Pipeline Construction and Road Infrastructure works. 

When undertaking an Engineering project, it is essential to begin with the most accurate base plan information possible, as all future design and construction works will be based on this information. At the design stage of a project, the existing construction and utility information is required to meet exact site requirements and to enable a detailed program of works to be installed. Inaccuracy of information will lead to delays and re-design requirements, which present cost implications. Using 40SEVEN to provide all services from start to finish will ensure that in-accuracy of information is not an issue.



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